Resident Artists

This online Artist & Business Directory is a partial list of current tenants at Salmon Falls Mills. Due to the number of tenants moving in and out, we are not able to provide a complete online directory of all mill tenants.   If you are looking for a person/business who rents at the mills, contact the main office at  603-749-8879.  Open Studios are held twice a year.  Fall Open Studios is always the weekend before Thanksgiving on Saturday and Sunday from 10am-5pm.  The Spring Open Studios is held the weekend before Mother’s Day on Saturday and Sunday from 10am-5pm.

Upper Mill

125  JohnGreiner
130 Gabriele Tise
140 Happy Kids Store
144 13 Stars Woodworking
152 Ju Ki Dojo
207 New England Cedar Fence
212 River City Furniture Makers, LLC
214 Robert J. LaCivita, LLC
219 Carey Armstrong-Ellis, SlugWorks: Children’s Book Illustration and Fiber • • Facebook
220 Scalera Design and Woodwork
222 Liz Wilson
319 Carly Glovinski
325  Stephan Tiebout
330 Elizabeth Ford
340 Abbie Halpin
344 Elizabeth Doherty
347 Taintor Davis Child, Making Marks Studio • blog
350 Dawn Durocher
365 EirikHall
375 Susan Powell
379 George Longfish: Painting
402 Meghan Houlahan Ballet
409 Eileen Streeter
426 Lorie Taylor
429 Brian Coleman
440 Tinka Designs: Felting, fiber
443 Shaune McCarthy: Handbuilt Ceramic Sculptures & Paintings •
450 Daphne McDonald
452 Elliot Conte
457 Mark Soderling
460 Julee Holcombe
463 Robert Macadaeg
470 Gregory McCrone
476  Shiao-Ping Wang: Mixed Media Artist •
502 Rosemarie Umerlik
511 Mary Ann Kahl
514 Dawn Boyer: Landscape, Florals, Still Life in Oil &Pastel •
530 Cappy Whelan: Encaustic Paintings
533 Patrick Hartnett: Paintings
540 Joanne Chartrand: Photography & Pastels
544 Scott SchnepfPrintmaking & Painting  •
546 Thomas Glover
549 Barbara London: Jazz & Watercolors •
557 Benjamin Jenness
559 Jereniah Loui
563 Marael Sorenson
571 Maya Travaglia
574 Sally Allen: Floor Cloths and Paintings
577Kristen Lanzer
580 David RandomAntique and Art-Deco Rocketships •
3A1 Rachel Stevens
3A2 Allan Breed
4A1 Alex Mitchell: Encaustic Paintings
4A2 Daniel Hobart
4A4 Brian Chu
4A6 Robert Porter: Oil Paintings

Lower Mill

211 David Surette
305 Cutter Family Properties:
308 Morse, Richard
311 Morgan, Susan
319 Bridget Demaine Ekstrom
322 Colleen Forde
327 Charles Hugo Landscape Design
330 Rosalind Revilock-Frost
337 The Burbanks
352 Judith Bryant, Ellen Kingsbury
359 Rob Karosis Photography
401 Cathryn Norris
406 Holistic Healing LLC, Pure Balance
409 Unity of the Seacoast
418 Hayley Lewis
B2  Rollinsford Public Library
B6  1130ft Recording
B789 Landlock Recording