Marta Spendowska

American Artist and Illustrator
Studio 4A7 Upper Mill (By Appointment)
Website: http:/

Marta Spendowska is a Polish-born (NH Seacoast-based) American artist and illustrator. Currently she works within 3 series: Wetlands (abstract water with gold leaf), Blomlands(large abstract flora) and Newlands (New England landscape) loving all of them with the same passion. Marta’s intuitive process of painting helps her delve into intangible, hidden, heart-felt places—something akin to painting as prayer. She chooses to work with spontaneous water-based materials because they are immediately responsive; it reminds Marta that life does not allow for “do overs”  and the only certain thing is here & now. The fluidity of Marta’s materials allows her to be free, with no plan or obligation other than to react to what is happening with this paper, that brush, this moment. To read more about series, visit :

Since ’07 she has worked with a wide range of art collectors, consultants, fashion and beauty brands, and interior designers. Client roaster includes Oprah Magazine, Danielle LaPorte, Better Homes & Gardens, Oreo and many more.

Member of: New Hampshire Art Association (NHAA), New England Watercolor Association (NEWS), Center for Maine Contemporary Art (CMCA), National Watercolor Association (NWS), American Watercolor Association (AWS).

Marta is currently represented by Maine Art Hill, Kennebunkport, ME, Sorelle Gallery , Connecticut, CT and is a member of NHAA, Portsmouth, NH.

martspendowska-sea-watercolor-GOLD MartaSpendowska-Bloomlands martspendowska-sea-watercolor