Featured Artist

  • Roger Myers

    Roger Myers

    Roger Myers is the founder and craftsman of StrathamWood Studios in Rollinsford NH.  Here on…
  • Stan Moeller

    Stan Moeller

    A highly respected and popular instructor, Stan Moeller teaches plein air painting workshops on Monhegan Island, Maine every June and September, and in La Napoule, France and Spannocchia, Italy.
  • Susan Dickinson

    Susan Dickinson

    Susan Dickinson is an oil painter splitting her time between the New Hampshire coast and New Orleans.
  • Kathy Morrissey

    Kathy Morrissey

    Kathy can be seen behind her easel painting coastal scenes and people from Portsmouth NH to Monhegan Island, Maine.
  • Christopher Volpe

    Christopher Volpe

    Painting for Christopher Volpe is a three-way conversation between sheer joy in the medium, the challenge of seeing and responding to the world in a fresh, spontaneous way, and the history and traditions of western art.
  • Eddie Langlois

    Eddie Langlois

    Eddie Langlois is a brilliant self-taught artist and a grumpy old man.
  • Alex Mitchell

    Alex Mitchell

    In addition to encaustic painting, Alex also creates mixed media pieces incorporating her love for photography, metalsmithing and sculpture.
  • Carey Armstrong-Ellis

    Carey Armstrong-Ellis

    Carey's latest book is called "Ten Creepy Monsters" and is available in stores now!
  • Scott Schnepf

    Scott Schnepf

    Scott Schnepf is fine artist at the mills and his studio is always open to the public during mill events.
  • Shiao-Ping Wang

    Shiao-Ping Wang

    In 2008, Shiao-Ping won the Spotlight Award for Best Painter in the Seacoast.
  • Shaune McCarthy

    Shaune McCarthy

    Shaune McCarthy is a fine artist at the mills with a focus on handbuilt ceramics and oil painting.
  • Taintor Davis Child

    Taintor Davis Child

    Taintor Davis Child creates explorative works on paper and reflective wall pieces using discarded packaging.
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